Schedule dryer vent cleaning services in the Bronx, NY or Kissimmee, FL

Extend the Life Span of Your Dryer

A simple dryer vent cleaning can not only extend the life of your dryer, but also lower your energy bills and reduce the possibility of a dryer fire. With all these benefits, you won't want to wait to hire a professional to get the job done. DSC Mechanical Inc cleans out dryer vents for both residential and commercial clients in the Bronx, NY or Kissimmee, FL.

If repairs won't fix the issue, we also handle new installations. Get a free estimate on dryer vent services today.

Call on us to clean out your dryer vents

Call on us to clean out your dryer vents

You'll appreciate our thorough cleaning services

You should trust that you're working with a team who will do a thorough job. When you hire our team for dryer vent cleaning services, you can expect us to...

  • Remove any lint and clean the duct
  • Check the duct for damage
  • Vacuum, brush out and clean vents
  • Clean around entry area of dryer

Once we've finished, we'll reconnect the duct to the dryer so that everything is ready to go. Contact one of our offices today to hire a team to clean out your dryer vent.